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Jocelyne Bellemare is a Canadian painter and printmaker.

Delving into the infinite world of creativity, she explores the fascinating frontiers between the figurative and the abstract. Her artistic approach is a dance between pure intuition and emotional research, a journey where each brushstroke is an exploration of the soul. Through her portraits, she captures the emotional essence of her characters, transcending the visible to reach the invisible.
In this artistic quest, she also draws on mythological reservoirs, seeking correspondences between her creations and timeless stories. Each work thus becomes a poetic reflection, an encounter between the contemporary and the mythical, the personal and the universal.


"The painter Bellemare brings to light the consciousness of a present, spectral images which emerge from the depths of a past to project them towards a future to come."Canoline Critiks.


"Deposited in the space-time of their appearance, Bellemare's figures become enigmatic and leave us free to move from one temporality to another to try to understand them."Canoline Reviews

Discover the artist

My creative process first begins with the development of an abstract textured background, guided by intuition. These first intuitive touches become the subtle framework that determines the artistic trajectory to come. This is where pareidolia comes into play, the ability to see meaningful shapes and patterns in apparent chaos. Then my portraits come to life, merging with the abstract background and creating a unique synergy.

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