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Jocelyne Bellemare is a visual artist born in Montreal, Canada, whose artistic work explores the boundary between portraiture and abstraction, while being deeply rooted in the pursuit of pure emotional expression.

She holds a BAC in Art History (UQAM) and has several private training courses in visual arts.
Before devoting herself fully to her artistic career, Jocelyne had an unusual journey as a makeup artist in the film industry, where she learned the art of transformation and visual representation. This experience influenced her artistic approach by allowing her to develop a deep understanding of how emotions can be captured and expressed through image.

Her distinctive artistic style is characterized by striking portraits, where the identity of the subjects is almost sublimated by abstract elements. She explores the duality of identity and emotional metamorphosis, striving to capture the essence of individuals on a deeply inner level.

What sets Bellemare apart is her ability to draw subtle analogies between her works and mythology. She considers each portrait as a story, an emotional epic that evokes the archetypes and gods of mythology, creating visual narratives rich in meaning.

She has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and her works are the subject of various private collections in Canada and the United States.
Jocelyne Bellemare's art is a constant exploration of the beauty and complexity of human emotions, where the portrait becomes a window into the soul and an adventure through the mythology of emotion.


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